OB Company


Our Mission

Catch the customer's needs adequately and make it "shape"

Main tasks

Mechanical design, concept design, equipment proposal (concept layout, equipment specifications), JIS drafting, tolerance design, strength design, reliability design, element design, hardware design (E-CAD) of power supply and control system, software design (PLC, PC).

High quality & high performance products

Technical Department

We plays a role of creating new technologies.
Our main work are development of new products and technical support of other departments.
Especially development of new products is important, it includes a variety of fields such as technical examination of manufacturing process, etc., demonstration experiment by prototype, performance test and patent application.
We have been creating high quality & high performance products.

New technologies, new knowledge

Manufacturing Department

Assembly of industrial equipment, which utilizes technology and experience cultivated over many years.
In the manufacturing department, assembly of industrial production equipment is the main task.
From small equipment to large one, we are assembling the own processed parts and procured parts one by one carefully.
Our technology and experience cultivated over many years are utilized, it plays an important role in the consistent production system.


Optimum proposals for your needs

Sales Department

Sales representatives are working globally.
Our products are different one by one depend on customer’s request and purpose.
However, we are always trying to make optimal proposals for each customers regarding to product specifications, delivery time, cost, etc.