US-Blow Cleaner

US-Blow Cleaner

US-Blow Cleaner

Ultrasonic dry cleaner


Us Cleaner


Mechanism of ultrasonic dry cleaner


Removal capability of ultrasonic dry cleaner

Example of removing 3μm fine particles (100% removed after treatment)


Strong point

Foreign matter can be removed without touching the workpiece

No worries about damage, scratches, damage, etc. on the workpiece surface

Foreign matter removal is possible without using chemicals or water

It is not necessary to treat chemicals and the environment can be considered

Foreign matter can be removed with one equipment

This enables to reduce installation space and running costs

Possible to remove foreign matter on both sides

Only the surface or both sides can be cleaned with the number of cleaner heads installed

No need for large utility facilities

No need for large utility facilities


Stage sizeCorrespond to up to 10th generation
Stage materialCorrespond to various materials (ceramic)
Thrust up pin materialCorrespond to various materials
Thrust up pin drive methodPulse motor of cam mechanism
Thrust up strokeFrom 50 mm to 105 mm (fixed)
Vacuum padΦ 15 mm made by VITON
Stage driveBall screw + AC servo motor
Stage speedFrom 5 to 600 mm / sec
Setting methodDigital setting in operation panel
Cleaner headSelectable
Head widthEffective length + α
Substrate thickness measurementInstalled
Alignment mechanismOption
Static electricity measureOption

Industry Application